Who We Are

Above all, we are a team with an absolute passion for helping traditional businesses get their products or services to the masses.

My name is John and with nearly 20 years experience in the direct-response marketing industry helping great companies grow, I founded Profiting Websites in June 2016.  Daily we're growing chiropractor, physicians, attorneys, take-out food, heating and cooling, plumbing, contractors, auto repair, tire, battery, and body shops, as well as power sports and trailer sale facilities.  We have worked with pretty much every website software, as well as collaborated tightly with Google for nearly 20 years.

We know business, and we know what it takes to grow them.  We also realize that most companies are being ripped off by companies and staff who do not know what they're doing.  Lastly, we know that small businesses who are not positioned properly online, are being SLAUGHTERED by online giants... and that is just plain inexcusable.

You have a business because you love what you do right?  Well, the competition never sleeps.  Most businesses don't have the money to hire top notch online experts and marketing agencies who bring in real results like we do because they're expensive.  Technology never stands still.  And most people can't keep up.  Well, we can.  

So, what if there was a way you could completely eliminate all of your advertising headaches?  What if I do all the work for you? What if we do the research, the web design, the back linking, the SEO, the posting, the reviews, the directories, the content writing, the submissions... AND... what if we hand deliver you real prospects with money-in-hand, right to your phone.... by the BUS LOAD...

And what if we do all of this for absolutely $0 upfront, $0 dollars monthly, and with a contract that is only as earned?   HUH?  Kinda odd in today's world isn't it.  Yep, that's how we do it.  We do it ALL for you, and you only pay for the sales you generate.

In the end, what matters is the outcome and we are one of the only companies you'll find that will not charge one single penny if we are unable to improve your company standing.  God has blessed us with some incredibly gifted talent, the most powerful website platform, and we are driven to strengthen the small to mid sized businesses.

Are you receiving leads from us and you don't know why?  That is us showing you our service.  If you like the free leads, call us.  If we don't hear from you soon, we'll send them to your competition.
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