For Any Business Fed Up With Paying Outrageous Processing Fees...
"Here's How Our ZERO Cost Processing Will Reduce Your Monthly Processing Costs Up To 99.3% In 7 Days... Guaranteed."
Traditional credit card processors take 3-6% of YOUR profits every time your customer pays with a credit card.  You keep 100% with our program. Apply below.

0% Processing Means No More 3-6% Transaction Fees.

Your Set-Rate Will Be up to 80% Less Than You Pay Now.

No More 3-6% Fees Means INSTANT Profit For You.

Savings Start 7 Days After You Qualify For The Program.

So, HOW Does It Work?
Traditional processing companies or banks earn a handsome spread between what the credit card company charges to process each transaction, and the end transaction fee you're charged each time a card is swiped through your business or organizations terminal. They're a middleman.

Our Solution represents the only legal, patented, and 100% compliant Automatic Credit Card Discount Program.  We don't profit from the transaction fees, because we eliminate them all together.  There is no middlemen.  You get the latest technology in terminals to accept all brands of credit cards, and one low set-rate plan that never increases, ever. 
The new & simple way to process- We utilize a low-cost, set-fee strategy to offset merchant processing fees eliminating hundreds, and even thousands of dollars a month. 

With our 3 patents, we are changing the way processing is done in Michigan... and the United States.
Equipment included- Your new terminal is PCI, EBT, EMV compliant, works with all POS systems and accepts all cards including Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Discover. 

We install your equipment and train your staff to make sure everyone is on board for a smooth transition into savings.
  • Accept ALL Credit Cards
  • 0% Transaction Fees
  • ZERO Monthly Fees
  • ZERO Annual Fees
  • NO Contract (Simple Month to Month Agreement)
  • Reduces Monthly Processing Costs 98.9-99.3%
  • Instant 3-6% Gain To YOUR Bottom Line per transaction

Ready To See How Much You'll Save With Our Program?

Everything you just read is 100% factual, and we're not shy about sharing the truth.

If you're not with us, you're simply paying FAR too much for your processing...period.

So take a quick second and apply for the only true ZERO cost credit card processing, and let us reduce YOUR monthly processing statement over 95%... starting right now.


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up to 99.3%
  • The Only Compliant Automatic Credit Card Discount Program (U.S. Patented- US 8131619 B1, US 8478689 B1, US 8423439 B1)
  • Compliant with ALL Card Brand Rules
  • EMV Chip Card Compatible
  • 100% PCI Security Card Data Compliant
  • Apple Pay Compatible
  • Free Online Report
Works For MOST Types Of Business and Organizations

"All national, state and local governments
including the DMV, Secretary of State, Post Offices, Schools, Courts, and the IRS utilize this platform for a 2-6% savings compared to fee based processors."
This includes Stores, Auto Repair, Dealerships, Restaurants, Pubs, Bakeries, Boutiques, Physicians, Cleaners, Funeral Homes, Law Offices, Pet, Health, Fitness, Food and Delivery, Service Companies, Hardware, Hotels... and more.  
  • I wanted to say how elated we are that we found you. Bob switched processing companies 5 or 6 times and every one took our money. The day John came out he was the most  sincere person and everything he put in writing still stands true. Last quarter we kept over $13,800 the other companies would have taken. It is life saving." Donna- Food/Hotel
  • "18 years in business and you're the only company that has ever truthfully saved us money and carried through on everything you said. The program saves me about $1,200 a month. Yes, I recommend it." Sandra- Contractor/Service
  • "When presented this discount program I was skeptical, but I was paying on average of $800 per month in credit card fees. We had switched processors many times. All promising you a better rate. Well, I have finally found what we have been looking for, 0% processing! Saving our business thousands! Bring on the cards, we are ready!" Kirk, Coco's West Branch,Mi- Food/Entertainment
  • "I am very satisfied with this program. It has been working great for my business." Debrah, Looney Baker-Food/Service
  • "I own and operate the Au Sable River Queen in Oscoda, MI. Since I implemented the zero fee program I have had no complaints. Even the isolated comments I get are positive.I’m thrilled I will never pay a credit card processing fee ever again." Entertainment
We have 1,000's more testimonials just like these.  Schedule your call below to start your savings today.
How Do I Find Out More?
Apply right now.  To give you honest answers and real numbers on the savings you'll receive requires that we know a little bit more about your business and transaction volume.

It only takes a few seconds to answer the questions, and one of our local agents will get right back with you to answer any questions you may have.

30 seconds will save you $1,000's.
What Is The Process?
  • Step 1  Apply below.
  • Step 2  We will go to work to get you the exact savings our program will deliver, based on your industry and volume.
  • Step 3  We'll "show" you the program and exact savings in writing.  
  • Step 4 Your business instantly goes from paying out 3-6% to keeping it.  It's that simple.
How Do I Know It Works?
Take a look above at some of the clients who trust us each day to deliver reliability, savings, and bottom line margin growth.  Over 300,000... and growing fast.  

The smallest local shops to the largest names, and most powerful agencies use our program each and every day to increase their bottom line just the same. 

Yes, it will work just the same for you. Apply below and see it for yourself.

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