This Is Who We Are, And This Is What We Do!

Who We Are-
We offer the most powerful 100% responsive, Google favored and compliant websites to small to medium sized companies. In addition we are going on 20 years in the business growth consulting industry. We research, design, create, and manage the most state of the art, PROFITING websites on the planet! 

Our software and systems are 2nd to none as they almost immediately open our clients companies up to MILLION of new prospects who are currently blocked from finding them in online searches. Our websites division is the entry point for new clients who later purchase many other packages for maximum business growth.

In 2015-2017 Google adjusted algorithms that have all but killed nearly 90% of businesses. The updates are on such a large scale that most companies don't even realize their website is literally KILLING their company. Nearly 9 out of 10 companies are greatly being affected from lost traffic, decreased sales, and super-competitors who are naturally taking all the business who should be theirs.

1.1 Billion websites exist and nearly 98% of them are never found by the people searching for the products and services they sell, because they are deemed NON-compliant by Google. We are one of the only companies with the software Google favors. The benefits of our software compared to all others can be found on our website.

10.6 MILLION businesses have non mobile responsive websites. Nearly 800 MILLION have websites that are deemed NON-compliant by Google... and we have the #1 solution these companies need not only to survive in this ultra-competitive marketplace.... but to thrive.

If you will listen and learn, and if can really grasp what is going on in the world of websites (we'll train you), and if you put in a 100% effort in calling, qualifying, and closing these businesses... you will earn a MASSIVE income. Please note I didn't write could, or should. You WILL.

For the right person we will supply you with leads of businesses who currently have no mobile responsive website. These people are in the worse shape of anyone. You will have phone, email, website address, contact person... everything you need. We also have a unique tool that brings us more leads on demand as you need them.

Your responsibilities will include:  
1. To contact, qualify and close out the prospect. 
2. Your client will complete and sign the agreement.  
3. It will forward to us.  
4. We will produce the invoicing for their purchase and send that to you.  
5. You will send them the invoice and walk them through the e-sign process and electronic payment

Once the payment and forms are submitted, you are qualified for compensation on that Friday at 5 pm. 
Our good phone reps average 2.34 sales per day.  

Our compensation plan is very simple. This is a 1099 position for the first 6 months. All agents who sell 4 websites per week or 16/month receive 500 brand new leads per month. Weekly phone / webinar training is required. These sessions are about 1 hour long. You get paid each Friday for all of the sales you submitted that week.  

After 60 days agents are allowed to train on, and sell our other services. You have a total of 6 products you can represent and sell after the 6 month mark. RIGHT NOW, we're looking for someone who can start helping businesses get our website packages today because they desperately need us.  

Above all, we are a performance based company. We go into businesses who need help... and we grow them. It takes a special personality and drive to succeed at what we do. If you are looking for a get rich quick dream, this is NOT for you. This is a real opportunity for a person who is really focused, driven, and NEEDS to put money in the bank... like literally THIS Friday.

John will personally train you if you have these desires, but only if you do. You must be able to call and talk to people. You must be able to ask them questions. You must be able to send them emails, direct them to websites, and send them documents. You must be able to follow directions and get them to sign on the lines.  

If you do all that is required, there is no reason you will not succeed with this opportunity. I do not know of any better opportunity available right now for work vs. income.

We keep our team small so that we can all reap HUGE rewards for our HARD work. We will train you if you will give what it takes, but there is no room for people who want something for nothing. We are 100% honest, fair, and we play HARD. If you would like to be considered for this position, please complete the form below.

High integrity, morals, and credibility are required here.  The deals we make with our clients are promises, and we don't break promises.  If you are the person for this opening, please apply below.
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