In 2015 Google insisted businesses must get their websites mobile ready.  They started ranking businesses with fully-optimized mobile friendly websites higher than ones without a mobile platform.  This made it imperative companies get their websites mobile ready.

The reason was because different devices mean different customer needs. Too much content slows down a phone. So, Google wanted less quantity, more quality, and top notch performance to serve the high demanding mobile platform and users.  

Studies showed that 75% of web users made judgments about the credibility of a company solely on the design of its website, while 73% of visitor's preferred mobile site design.  That was in 2015, and pretty much every company was 'selling' companies their version of 'mobile ready' software.

But here is the problem that most website companies won’t tell you… with the new 2017 Google algorithm updates… all those “mobile ready”, “mobile apps”, and “mobile responsive” website programs are 100% NON-compliant to Google.    

Yes, you read it right. And while millions of unsuspecting companies are still being sold those non-compliant “mobile ready” software even today, at Profiting Websites we’re delivering complete 100% Google favored, 100% responsive website packages that completely decimate all the other “stuff” people are selling... and we're doing it affordably.

This allows your company to serve the BILLION dollar responsive community that Google controls.  So before you spend one dime on the old and outdated, mobile options the majority of website companies are selling… please take a few minutes to visit this page so you can learn the truth about mobile, responsive, and winning in today's world.
ARE YOU MOBILE COMPLIANT?  Take a quick minute and click on one of the buttons below.  Then, enter your website and see if you're all green for good... or all red for dead.
Our core foundation is 25+ years in direct-response, results-guaranteed marketing. We have helped 100's of service companies transform from struggling into marketplace leaders.

So if you're a plumber, restaurant, heating & cooling, auto repair, chiropractor, dentist, practitioner, landscape company, roofing company, tire shop, or any other type of traditional or brick and mortar company... you are exactly who we deliver incredible results to.  

The foundation of the system is our 100% responsive website design, and the proprietary tools we implement.

See, all the big website companies are “selling” the same dead mobile, eCommerce, and responsive web design software. They’re making millions while your business is left to fumble around with it. Your choices with those companies are to spend like never before on advertising, get starved out of business, or come on board with an organization that specializes in growing business.

The advantages our 100% responsive Profiting Websites deliver far outperform what a traditional template, D.I.Y., or custom coded responsive web designer software can provide.  With nearly 70 designers, 15 SEO techs, multiple marketing experts, and multiple client managers, you will quickly see the advantages of choosing profiting websites for your online business goals.  
The Statistics Clearly Show... Responsive Site Design Matters!
In 2016 mobile users surpassed web based users and there are now more than 5 BILLION of them riding this BILLION dollar responsive marketplace. And, Google controls where nearly 90% of these shoppers are sent.

They now control all LOCAL search through this network as well. This means many things to your company.  
When you boil it all down, companies who run on our technology are found by the MILLIONS of people searching for them, AND… Google continues sending more and more of them as we prove your site is worthy.

Companies who place their companies on inferior software like the vast majority of website companies are selling them, they are being starved out. Analysts predict the new updates combined with the traditional ‘dead’ website technology like MILLIONS of companies have been sold… will be the death of nearly 68% of companies over the next 18-24 months who fail to act now.
The 2016-2017 changes to Google’s mobile search algorithm punish businesses that do not have a mobile 100% RESPONSIVE site design, or a secure site(https). They no longer appear on a Google Search, or if they do, they may be at the bottom of the search results, a place most people never see.

If you don’t have a 100 responsive and 100% Google compliant website, your company will be forced to spend like never before in hopes to find prospects. At the same time, a Profiting Website automatically works with Google to place you smack in the center of the MILLIONS searching for what you’re selling each day, in the Billion dollar responsive network.

If you don’t know what to do, we have created a page just for you. It has a video that clearly explains everything, and a quick survey you can take for free to see the best option for your company.

Please for the sake of your company, click on this button below.
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