Why Do You Need Us?

It's not about needing us, it's about utilizing our team to grow your business. It's realizing that you are great at what you do, and we do great at what we do. Smart people go to dentists when they need a tooth pulled because dentists do it right, fast, and the end result will be much better than trusting your buddy with a screw driver and string. 

Over 100 businesses go OUT-OF-BUSINESS each day because they've trusted fools with their website and marketing.   If you want to grow your online business... if you truly desire to compete and win in this ever changing global marketplace, then we invite you to explore your options with our team. Let's see how our knowledge, software, systems, and implementation can literally transform your business.  

Everyone makes great claims, but in the end, it is your business... your livelihood.  Do you want more from your business? Are you tired of losing sales to your competition? 

Well, what direction should you take? If you're ready to join forces with a team who will share the same level of commitment to your business as you do, request a quote today or call us now.  

Let's take some time, and see what we can do together.      

What Website Package Should We Get?

The website packages we design are based on what works now, and in the future as Google has invested so heavily. While the majority of website design companies use smoke and mirrors, we just show you the facts. The fact is, Google was, is and will be the controlling factor in your website performance. This is why each of our website packages are tailored to work as Google requests.

The mobile package allows you to serve all mobile shoppers while keeping your current outdated website. Our 100% responsive websites are the top performing, best priced website solution on the planet. The eCommerce sites are just as powerful with the added feature of shopping carts and even more conversion tools to make your business more sales. 

See why it will benefit your business to exchange your existing website for a profiting website. 

How Much Does a Profiting Website Cost?

Because our websites are guaranteed to perform, each website must be custom built to your specific industry, niche, and geography.  Our packages start at only $399, but to get you exact pricing requires that we obtain details about your business first. 

All SEO and marketing campaigns, responsive and eCommerce websites, video projects, and consulting project prices are based on your exact business, marketplace, and current online status. Why? Because who your business is now, the market place you're in, and the competition you're competing against matter a great deal in the world of online marketing and website design.

Also, we do not employ sales people. We don't use trickery, base pricing, or sales gimmicks like most do. You will have your own personal client manager from the quote process, to years down the road as your business soars. We are professional. The quote process we use allows you to get all of your business facts submitted without pressure. It's automatic, stress free, simple, easy, and you'll love the final products and pricing.

How Long Will It Take To Build My Website?

We always have multiple jobs in queue. We can have your rough draft, in most cases to you within 24 hours. The most important step to getting your profiting website up and producing quickly, is getting your quote request submitted. Doing so will get you in the queue. Failing to do this could cost you additional weeks, and even months at times. Communication and responsibility are key to a successful website build or marketing campaign.

If you fill out your request completely, submit it now, make yourself or your team available for our appointed times, and if all goes according to the process 98% of our clients follow... your brand new profiting website will be up and running in 3-5 weeks from right now. We also offer a 2-3 week launch package to businesses who must be up and live fast. Ask your client manager about this package.

How Do You Deliver Such Great R.O.I. vs. Other Marketing Companies?

We don't play games. If we cannot give the results we say we will, then we won't say we will. It's just that simple. We utilize tools and software most don't even know exist. With nearly 20 years success in the direct-response, results-guaranteed marketing and online selling... our systems will deliver incredible results for your business, period.

Multiple times, every single day, we are launching campaigns, flooding websites, and lighting up phone lines all around the globe. This is what makes us tick. It's why we exist. If you want to grow your business then you need to hire people who do it every day. We make it fun, we do it affordably, and your business will pay you handsomely for choosing us.

We are focused on driving your business forward. When you win, we win. If we don't produce results then you don't pay. So, the short answer to how we deliver a better R.O.I. than anyone else, is because we choose to.

How Will a Website Help My Brick and Mortar Business?

If you had no obligations to anyone in life, including yourself, why would you need transportation? You need transportation because without it you'll never accomplish the end result.... you'll never satisfy your needs.

For the record, we have some extremely powerful off-line business generating marketing strategies we use daily to drive thousands of money in hand prospects to our clients store fronts. We can do this for you also.

But, to answer the question on how a website will benefit your brick and mortar business: MILLIONS of people are searching online EVERYDAY for what you offer. Many are within a few miles of your store. They don't know you exist, or they forgot. A profiting website attracts the online shoppers to your website, and then nicely converts them into buyers.  

It can sell them products, schedule appointments, deliver critical forms or documents, accept deposits to hold merchandise or appointments, or whatever you want it to do. We can make it happen. Then, it automatically communicates with them. This produces a constant influx of new sales, more clients, and larger profits. You can choose whether they come to you or buy online... it's all about delivering what they want.

How Long Does The Quote Process Take?

Our goal is to complete our study and get the time and pricing quote back to you within 48 hours of your submitting it. This time frame depends on how accurate and complete the form you submit is. Please take the time to completely fill in all the blanks honestly and accurately.  

Once we have all the information we need, our team goes to work. Once all answers are finalized, we will set an appointment that fits your schedule and ours. The entire process should never take longer than 48 hours unless we're waiting on information, or people on your end.  

Why Must You Do The Market Survey? 

We used to hear it all the time. "Why don't you skip the market survey and just give us a price"? The answer is simple. If all you want is a price... if all you want is a simple quote for a website... and if the thought of speaking with real people, who truly care to take the proper steps to ensure your business grows is more than you can handle... we're not the company for you. 

It may sound harsh but we're here to do a job, and that job is to grow businesses. With years of successful online and offline marketing and product distribution, our systems are dialed. We do not employ sales people to quote pretend prices. We don't use gimmicks or ploys, and we don't pay staff to waste time.

Some businesses don't like our quoting system. They will continue shopping, paying, spending, and losing MILLIONS of dollars from lost sales in the process. Will that be you? Will that be your business?

We are serious to help you, but are you ready for the solution? That is the question. Anyone who builds or prices a website before first completing the market study we do, is completely wasting your time and money, PERIOD. You will pay for a website and that is all you will get in return, something to look at. That is why we must do the market study.

We Need A Special Feature... Can We Do "it"?

Yes. Complete the quote request and tell us what you want specifically. Nothing is out of our ability. You'll absolutely LOVE the work we'll deliver, period.
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